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Hair loss can be absolutely devastating for self image and emotional well-being. A good characteristic of a successful hair restoration procedure is natural-looking hairline with optimum hair density minus signs of any surgical linear scarring. FUETOR assures all that and much more.

The FUETOR machine is an automated hair transplant machine that seeks to assist the doctor in performing a hair transplant using the FUE technique. It strives to give a faster extraction rate of grafts in a limited time.

FUETOR is the result of meticulous R&D in product design and development process with a goal to address the unmet needs in current FUE technology. FUETOR automates removal, collection and placement of individual follicular grafts. The working principle of the device is based on a surgical technique called the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). FUE, is a minimally-invasive micro-surgical procedure and is a well-established surgical technique.

The FUETOR machine is used to extract follicular units from the donor area and implant them in the recipient area via a suction-based system. The device is partially automated and needs a moderate amount of operator intervention to keep the machine functioning smoothly.

Equipped with user-friendly touchscreen to maintain patient records, storage containers to prevent follicular dessication, wireless foot pedal for easy usage of follicle graft harvester and implanter tools, the USP of the device lies in its simplicity of use and requirement for low learning curve.

A minimally invasive state-of-the-art surgical hair restoration system. FUETOR has been devised to address the most common concerns of FUE based hair transplant surgery such as Follicle Dehydration and Trauma during handling along with procedural Fatigue.

The FUETOR system automates the follicular unit extraction and implantation during the Advanced FUE surgery. The system is equipped with dual set of harvesting & implantation tools to enable surgeons reduce the surgical time and fatigue.

Being a non-contact technique, there is no trauma to the follicles during handling. FUETOR with its in-line follicle preservation system stores the harvested follicles in a cold bath of saline & natural body fluid which keeps the follicles metabolically active.

The system has been designed keeping in mind the surgical environment, the usage and user safety. The ergonomics of the tools has been given special attention.

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