1) Why FUETOR?
FUETOR is equipped with latest state of the art technology for hair transplantation. The device consists of dual-operating system. The surgeon can use the follicle-harvesting tool and follicle-implantation tool simultaneously, thereby saving a good amount of surgical time and operator energy.

2) How does FUETOR Compared to other automated FUE machines in the market?
FUETOR allows the clinician to have complete control so as to achieve higher precision rates. The doctor can control the depth of penetration of the needle while extraction and implantation of follicular units. The foot pedal that activates the tools of the machine work on the wireless technology, thereby resulting in ease of operator's movement during the surgery. The device carries a saline canister to store the extracted follicular units to prevent pre-mature follicular desiccation, which remains a major concern for the doctors performing FUE.

3) Can I retrieve the results of the surgery and maintain patient records?
Yes, FUETOR has a well-designed touchscreen panel. The touchscreen allows the user to record patient history and input the surgical parameters. The data can be retrieved by using a USB pendrive, this will allow the doctor to trend the surgical outcomes.

4) Is there a local support and training available?
FUETOR has a team of well trained surgeons who have perfected the art of FUE using FUETOR. A new FUETOR Surgeon undergoes hands-on training with the FUETOR Trainer to learn the usage and clinical aspects of the system. We identify the nearest trainer and arrange the training at the trainer's place of choice. We provide local support for any issues related to FUETOR.

5) Who can operate the FUETOR system?
Cosmetic Surgeons and Dermatologists who wants to get an edge over their competitors can use the FUETOR system with ease.

6) Can I control the rotational coring speed and suction levels?
FUETOR has a touch screen interface for changing the harvester speed and change the suction as needed. The suction level can be controlled for both harvester as well as implanter.

7) Can I attach 1:1 and other reduction hand pieces?
Hand pieces of other manufacturers does not work with FUETOR as the construction of the contra angle is specifically designed for FUETOR system. FUETOR has a dual speed control interface having a default 16:1 contra angle hand piece. The same interface also has a control option for 16:1 reduction contra angle hand piece. The reduction hand piece i.e. 16:1 PREMIUM model offers low speed and High Torque while the standard model offers high speed and lesser torque. The same touch screen interface works for both STANDARD and PREMIUM harvesters.

8) Can the machine count number of follicles implanted?
Yes, FUETOR can record patient and surgery information and you can retrieve the data by an USB storage device.

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