Photo Gallery

Fuetor in use
Automatic Extraction with Fuetor Harvester
Automatic Extraction with Fuetor Harvester
Follicles Harvested from Fuetor
Follicles Harvested from Fuetor

Fuetor Implantation Follicle Loading
Fuetor Implantation Insertion
Fuetor Implanter in use
Harvester in Use
Harvester in Use
Fuetor Console Back
Touchscreen View
Sterillizable SS Tool Holder
Wireless Footswitch - Side 1

Harvester Rotor Head - S, Drive Motor and CBS Canister assembly
Harvester Rotor head
Rotor head with Depth Control
Rotor head with depth control activated
Harvester Rotor Head - 16:1 - P
CBS Canister with Hydrophobic Coated Follicle Transfer Tube
Implanter and tube assembly
TiN coated Punch
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