FUETOR® does not use forceps or tweezers during harvesting and implantation therefore no follicular trauma while handling the follicles.
  1. 2x Faster
  2. Precise Transplant
  3. Zero Trauma to Follicle
  4. TiN coated Punch
  5. Sterile & Safe
  1. High Yield
  2. Quick Learning
  3. Wireless foot controls
  4. Ergonomic Design
  5. Patented* Technology
Step 1
A hand-held Harvester that is connected to a suction unit device separates the grafts from the surrounding donor tissue using a rotating sharp punch.
Step 2
The suction then pulls the graft out, separating it from the remaining tissue.
Step 3
Once the graft is separated from the tissue, it is sucked through a tube into a small chamber containing chilled bio fluid, this step prevents the desiccation of follicular grafts.
Step 4
Once approximately 50 grafts are extracted from the scalp, the saline container is opened and the grafts are manually placed in petri dish containing saline.
Step 5
The recipient sites are then made in the donor area using traditional instruments such as hypodermic needles.
Step 6
A small number of grafts are removed from the holding solution and a second tool of the FUETOR machine called the Implanter is used to draw up the grafts (via suction), one at a time into a needle and then individual follicle grafts are injected into the pre-made recipient sites.
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