Technical Specification

Product Name: FUETOR®

Surgical technique: Follicular Unit Extraction (F.U.E)

Theory of Operation:
FUETOR® is a hair transplantation system which is designed for Follicular Unit Extraction surgical technique. The follicles are extracted from the donor area by using a motorized harvesting tool assisted by suction. The extracted follicles are collected in a canister. The follicles are then loaded on to the implanter with the help of suction subsequently the loaded follicles are implanted to the recipient area with the help of user controlled pusher to desired depth.

Regulatory Classification: FDA Class II

Product Characteristics:
Overall Dimensions: (W x H x D): 525 mm x 1040 mm x 440 mm. Weight: 60 kgs (approx.) Two Sets of Harvesting and Implanting instruments work inline Motor driven, Suction Assisted Harvesting Adjustable pressure driven Implantation Disposable Tubes and Follicle Collection Canister Intuitive Touch Screen Interface Wire-less foot controls Electrical Requirement: 230 V 50 Hz


Swiss Make Harvester with CBS Canister
I. Harvester
Contra-angle attachment to micro- motor Sharp and blunt punches can be attached Three sizes of punch, 0.6 mm, 0.8 mm and 1.0 mm. TiN coated Punch for sharpness retention. Adjustable rotational speed Adjustable suction levels Saline storage for follicles Two types of contra-angles: 1:1 and 16:1

Patented# Implanter with Sync Technology
II. Implanter
0.6, 0.8 and 1.0mm follicle loading unit Suction assisted follicle loading Manual follicle implantation

Disposables tubing: 2 sets of disposable tubing

Tool holding tray: Every unit is provided with 2 reusable tool holding trays which can be sterilized by autoclaving, to hold sterilized tools during the procedure.

Follicle Loading Tray: Patented# Follicle Loading Tray improves the handling and loading of the follicles into Implanter. The follicle tray can hold 20 follicles.

Patented# Follicle Loading Tray

Salient Features:

Plug & Play Stand alone system with built-in Vacuum Pump. Intuitive GUI with Touch screen interface and wireless Controls prevents unwanted user error. Wireless foot switch provides hassle-free movements. Sterile Punches, Implanter & Tubing reduces post operative infection and ensures peace of mind. Low Learning Curve helps in quick mastery of the automated FUE technique. Quick-fit Connections reduces turnaround time for next surgery. Reliable automatic counting by Implantation Counter. Auto Saving of Procedure History and data retrieval through USB port.

Fuetoris protected by various granted and pending Patents, Trademark and Copyrights, comprising of PCT/IN2015/050042 - HAIR TRANSPLANT SYSTEMS AND METHODS OF THEIR USE, PCT/IN2015/050092 - BIOMEDICAL DEVICE FOR IMPROVED DESICCATION TOLERANCE OF GRAFTS, PCT/IN2015/050091 - BIOMEDICAL DEVICE FOR IMPLANTING GRAFTS, PCT/IN2015/050112 - BIOMEDICAL DEVICE FOR HARVESTING GRAFTS, PCT/IN2015/050201 - Graft Tray, Trademark Application no - 2726084 & 2726085 and Copyrights. All rights are reserved with Veol Medical Technologies Pvt. Ltd.