Why Fuetor?

How FUETOR® is different from other available FUE systems ?

There are FUE systems available in the market capable of doing FUE surgeries but they bring along disadvantages as well. The major drawbacks in the available automated FUE systems as commented by many surgeons are

a) Dehydration of follicles due to vacuum
b) Sticking of follicles in the tube requiring frequent saline flushing
c) Physical trauma to the follicles during transfer through a long tube

a) Physical trauma to the follicles while handling with tweezers
b) Thermal cyclic loading on the follicles further damaging the cells

a) Physical trauma to the follicles while pushing the follicles inside the slit
b) Additional slitting time is required as the implanter requires a pre-slit site for implanting
c) Potential infection due to pressurized air which comes in contact with the scalp tissue
d) No control available on depth of implantation

FUETOR system has addressed most of the critical to quality issues of FUE transplant procedure which offers the following advantages. Apart from the clinical advantages, it also has addressed the procedural fatigue by offering a 2 in 1 system where two harvesters and two implanters can be operated from single FUETOR unit.

a) No dehydration since follicles are stored in a natural fluidic bath containing saline mixed with the body fluid coming out during harvesting.
b) Follicles do not stick as FUETOR uses internally lubricated transparent tubing and hence it does not require frequent saline flushing.
c) FUETOR tube from harvester to the follicle collection system or canister has a short tube of 100mm thus nullifying the physical trauma.

a) There is no physical trauma to the follicles as follicles are not handled with tweezers.
b) The thermal cyclic loading has been studied and the follicles are not exposed to abrupt temperature change.

a) FUETOR implantation system cause no physical trauma to the follicles during implantation.
b) Since the implanter has a unique tip geometry which allows slitting and implantation together, the time for slitting is saved
c) Fuetor system and tools run only on vacuum and hence there is no chance of occurrence of scalp infection due to exposure to air.
d) The implanter has kept the follicle ejection under surgeon's control so as to get a controlled depth insertion.

FUETOR requires less assistance as lot of surgical steps have been automated. It also allows Recording of patient data alongwith implantation counting on a touch screen interface panel. Specifically designed Graphical User Interface (GUI) allows the user to navigate and control the tools with ease while the wireless foot switch controls allow cable free movement in the operating room.

FUETOR uses world class engineering & biocompatible materials and components for its Equipment, Tools and Accessories.



TiN coated Punch


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