Why Hair Transplant?

Hair Loss ??

Hair transplant using FUETOR is an obvious choice because it offers following advantages

a) It is Minimally invasive and leaves less scar
b) It is a non-touch atraumatic procedure where follicles are not touched by hand or forceps
c) Healing is faster and you can go back to your normal routine after the surgery
d) Highest quality of follicles as because of less transection and vacuum based harvesting & implantation

The results of FUE hair transplantation using FUETOR shows excellent results.

Procedure Care Path

Candidate consults the Hair Restoration Specialist, understands the cause of hair loss and gets advised for suitable treatment modalities. Pathological tests may be required. Patient suitability for FUE based advanced Hair Transplant using FUETOR system will be decided by the surgeon

On the day of surgery, candidate head is shaved either partially or fully as recommended leaving 1 to 3 mm of hair on the scalp. Head wash is given to the candidate and disinfected with appropriate method. Candidate is draped and prepared for the surgery.


Donor area is anesthetized and with help of harvester, cylindrical follicular units are extracted out automatically without touching it with hand or forceps thereby ensuring no physical trauma to the follicular unit. The follicular units are automatically stored in a natural body fluid container. Number of hair follicles to be extracted or harvested depends on the type of baldness and number of follicles that is required to fill the gaps in a planned manner.

Recipient area of the candidate is then anesthetized and with the help of micro surgical needle, small incisions are made on scalp recipient area. Each extracted follicles is implanted by the FUETOR implantation tool carefully again with out touching it by hand or forceps or tweezers.

Patient is discharged after the surgery.

Recipient area heals in few days. Medication is provided to the candidate. Minimal discomfort will be there but candidate can sleep well in a supine position keeping a towel at the back of head. Pain killers or other medication will be prescribed by the surgeon.

It takes approximately 3 months to see new Follicular growth and 6-9 months to get a noticeable length of hair

Hair Transplant on Mangesh Patankar, CEO, Fuetor

Care to be taken in initial 2 weeks

Day 1
Moisten the transplanted area every 2 hours
Day 2
Moisten the transplanted area every 2 hours. Routine activities can be resumed avoiding direct sunlight or sweating for 2-3 weeks
Day 3
Moisten the transplanted area every 4 hours. Back bandage is removed & apply antiseptic cream for a week
Day 4
Moisten the transplanted area every 4 hours. Bandage on back and fore head
Day 5
Moisten the transplanted area every 4 hours. Can take shower without hands without shampoo.
Day 6
Can take shower with baby shampoo but without hands
Day 7
Bandage on forehead is removed if swelling is gone
Day 8
Can take shower with baby shampoo without hands
Day 9
Can take shower with baby shampoo without hands
Day 10
Normal Shower with baby shampoo with hands
NOTE : In the initial few weeks (2- 6 weeks) the transplanted hair will shed off and new hair will grow in about 3 months post procedure.
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